Spring 2016 Adult Art Education Courses

22 February 2015

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  • Digital Photography Class with James Robbins

    Digital Photography Class with James Robbins
    Tuesdays, 7-9pm,
    June 7, 14, 21 & 28 plus a field trip TBD
    $50 per student
    Cameras required for Field Trip

    Photography is all about capturing light … and not about capturing “things”. Learn how to read the light. Learn how to choose your subject. Learn how to compose your image. Learn to see. Learn how to tell your story. In these classes we will discuss light and how it controls and defines all photographic composition. We’ll also discuss subject choices and camera operation. Constructive observations of student work will be available to those interested.

    Graduation will include a field trip at dawn for a photo shoot.

    A Copley Artist and Past President of the Copley Society Board of Governors, James Robbins began his art studies as a studio painter in college. About 20 years ago, he returned to his art, this time working as a photographer. Photography, states Robbins, …offers me an opportunity to walk the edge of myself and risk discovering the hidden places of spirit and meaning which only now in my life do I begin to long for. It is my belief that such exploration is life’s most precious offering. When I am working, all sweat and noise and chaos, there are moments when I am aware of unspoken changes.
    Cate McQuaid, prominent Boston Globe Arts Critic, has commented on Robbins’ work, “His photos seduce with their saturated tones, intimate close-ups and intelligent composition.”
    Mr. Robbins work is collected throughout the Untied States and Internationally. His public portfolio may be seen at www.lightandshadows.com