2017 Sculpture Park!

07 June 2015

Please join Four Corners Arts Center as they present their 25th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Park, The Vast Horizontal Line of the Sea. Opening reception is Sunday, July 22nd from 2-4 at the Meeting House. This year’s Curator is Ben Anderson Associate Professor of Art and Art History at University of Rhode Island. Featuring the works of Becci Davis, Jerry Mischak & Ben Anderson. The Exhibit is free and open to the public during daylight hours from June 1st through October 31st - except during private events at The Meeting House.

The Vast Horizontal Line Of The Sea.

June 1- October 31, 2018

Becci Davis, Jerry Mischak and Ben Anderson come together at Four Corners Arts Center’s Annual Outdoor Sculpture Park to exhibit new monumental work. These works, driven by narrative, symbolism and pure abstraction push the viewer toward multiple levels of experience. As the title may suggest, the limitless horizon of the sea may bring awareness to the self, or reveal an avenue of diversion and wonder, or establish a desire to interrupt the plane. Exhibiting work in Tiverton makes an artist keenly aware of their immediate proximity to the vast horizontal line. Becky Davis comes to terms with it through the conjuring of maritime history with objects capable of telling a story. Jerry Mischak explores an abstract notion toward the sculptural object as a relic, possibly something dragged up from the bottom of the sea, long since the mediation of the briny water has transformed it from its previous life. Ben Anderson has constructed a distinct perpendicular line in relation to the horizontal, a totem. Built from the materials of a fisherman and boat builder, Anderson carves white oak to create a vertical access with a small vestige of a ships spar at the top; the totem supports a bronze ring of glass globes, reminiscent of early fishing floats.

Ben Anderson

Fishermen’s Totem


White Oak, Glass, Bonze, Copper, Cotton Seine, Rope

Fishermen’s Totem pays homage to the working fishermen of New England. Made from a white oak tree, specially sawn in a graduated taper, by master sawyer Jack Delanoe of Dartmouth, MA. Atop the carved totem is glass orbs mounted on a circular armature.

Ben Anderson was born in Lewisburg, PA. He spent the majority of his formative years in Santa Monica, CA. In 1980 he attended Bucknell University with a focus in environmental science. While on a semester abroad in London he visited the house of Henry Moore in Leeds, England. Upon his return to the US he transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a BFA in 1984 with a concentration in sculpture. In the subsequent years he was an artist’s assistant for Vito Acconci and later Allan McCollum. Anderson received his MFA in 1992 from the University of California, San Diego where he worked with Newton Harrison, Kim Mac Connell, Ernest Silva and Italo Scanga. After returning to Rhode Island in 1994 he taught part time at area colleges and universities, including RISD, Brown University, Bryant University and the University of Rhode Island. In 2006 Anderson was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at University of Rhode Island and since has been promoted to Associate Professor.

His work is included in numerous private and public collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Newport Art Museum. He has received a number of awards for his work in ceramics; the 1999 Byers’ Choice Award of Philadelphia, PA; a National Award in Ceramics, the 2005 Directors Choice, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and the 2003 Rhode Island State Council of the Arts, Individual Artist Grant.

Becci Davis

Stand Up, Speak Up


Paper Clay

Stand Up, Speak Up, a paper-clay sculpture by Becci Davis, uses imagery to honor important women of Rhode Island’s past, while utilizing form to reference the local legend of the Whipping Post.

Becci Davis is an interdisciplinary artist. Born in Fort Benning, Georgia, she spent her early years playing in her grandparent’s backyard in nearby Columbus and her adolescent years exploring the fields and forests of her parent’s farmland in Louisville, Georgia. She finds inspiration in her encounters with nature and experiences as an American, daughter, mother, Southerner and woman of color. After completing her BFA from Columbus State University, Becci earned a MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design. She is the 2018 recipient for the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts fellowship in New Genres. Becci can currently be found searching for ways to merge stories and objects of the past with the present in the halls of the RISD Museum and Providence Public Library where she currently serves as the 2018 Artist Fellow and Creative Fellow, respectively.

Jerry Mischak

Flower Houses One

Flower Houses Two

Flower Houses Three

Flower Houses Four

Flower Houses Five


Cement, Hydrocal plaster, styrofoam, wood, cardboard, paint

“I started working on a group of sculptures in the spring of 2016 calling them“Cosmic Constructions”. They were initially inspired by a book my daughter gave me on Soviet brutalist architecture as well as the desire to render in three dimensions some of the vases that have occupied space on tables in my collages, Pouring fast drying cement in cardboard molds became the means of realizing new and experimental forms. As the process developed, pieces of cardboard mold became imbedded into the dried cement and slight irregularities on the surfaces established an eclectic personality of each piece. Emerging out of the architectural forms are abstracted floral shapes made of hydrocal plaster, which suggests a relationship between the cement base as a vessel and the top as a flower. As architecture is a vessel for people this is a vessel for cut flowers. When the pieces are arranged in a group they form a bizarre garden.”

~Jerry Mischak

Jerry Mischak was born in Newark, New Jersey he received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He teaches painting and sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Rhode Island. He was awarded the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts fellowship in 2003 and the Howard Foundation Fellowship in 2001. His work has been reviewed by the New York Times, The New Yorker, Time-Out, CNN, The Washington Post and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He is currently represented by Jim Kempner Fine Art in NYC. Solo shows in 2010 – 2016 at Jim Kempner Fine Art in NYC, Industry Gallery in Washington D.C. and Birey Gallery in Philadelphia. Group shows most recent 2017 - Wendy Edwards/Jerry Mischak, Mystic Museum of Art, Mystic Conn. “Absent”, Vandernoot Gallery, Lesley University, Boston. 2016 “Uncannyland” One Mile Gallery, Kingston, N.Y. 2015 “Uncanny Parables” at the Cohen Gallery, Granoff Center, Brown University. 2012 “Bling” at Jim Kempner Fine Art, “Time Flies” at Drive-By, Boston. “Art Live Fair” Miami. Previous group shows include the Islip Art Museum, Islip, N.Y. Cypress College, California. Penn State, Fredericke Taylor and Pavel Zoubok in N.Y.

JW Post

“What is art? It’s the elevation of the human spirit and joy of the aesthetic.” (Joseph Wheelwright – 2014, Boston Globe)

“In a post-modernist art world filled with cynical artifice and easy contrivance, Joe Wheelwright’s sculpture initially offers an obvious contrast: you can’t but marvel at the sheer physical effort involved in the making of each piece. Working in obdurate materials––stone, wood, bone, metal––Joe invariably, miraculously makes them sing, in sometimes profoundly resonant ways and also in ways beguilingly whimsical. Certainly this speaks to his technical mastery and vast set of skills. It also underscores an aesthetic vision that strikes such an exquisite chord, his unique and original figures inflected deeply with elements from Mother Nature and the art of the past. How marvelous it is to encounter this sculpture, as if discovering the work of some new, ancient civilization.” (Walter Horak, Sculptor – Little Compton, May 9, 2017)

Joe Wheelwright earned his BA from Yale University in 1970. He received his Masters in Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design in 1975. During his long career Joe was a master carver of stones, trees, bones and other natural materials “…twig renditions of trees were succeeded by actual trees, and small stones ballooned into granite boulders that stretched five feet across…”*

Joe was instrumental in the founding of two important arts initiatives in 1992, the Boston Sculptors Gallery and in May of 2001 joined three partners in the transformation of Daloz Cleaners in the now Humphreys Street Studios in Dorchester. Joe was a participant in Four Corners first outdoor sculpture exhibit in 1993.

Please visit FourCornersArts.org for additional information.

The exhibit is generously sponsored by The Cottage at Four Corners and with support from Steel Giraffe Rigging & Crane of Portsmouth, RI.

*Excerpt from a Boston Globe Article – October 3, 2016

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NEW AT THE SCULPTURE PARK - "Creative Contours"

Stephanie Fortunato & Julia Lazarus, curators
The 2014 Four Corners Arts Center Sculpture Park takes its theme from an ongoing dialogue between the curators about the relationship between people and place: how geographic location affects the things we make, the stories we tell, and who we are. We approached the design of the exhibition in the spirit of discovery, first attempting to understand the place and then inviting artists to join our conversation by creatively exploring the contours of the site.

The Sculpture Park has a particularity and a history that contributes to our experience here. Nestled behind the Four Corners Art Center in the heart of Rhode Island’s Farm Coast, the park is designed to heighten the beauty of the natural terrain, and is made anew each summer by the installation of artworks. From the first summer exhibition twenty-one years ago emerged an organization, a tradition, and an anchor destination for the community. Visitors experience a sylvan ideal that urges us to contemplate and reconnect with the natural world, as well as a cultural landscape where place, people, and culture intersect. The site is not simply a “blank space.”

Creative Contours features the work of six regional artists in conversation with the site’s unique natural features and topographic conditions, with one another, and with the cultural specificity of the place. Margie Butler, Aarti Kathuria, and Lynne Harlow created new works for this exhibition; Gage Prentiss and Howie Sneider reimagined existing work for this site; and Kurt Snell did both.

We initially were interested in the lines in these artists’ work and their clarity in use of materials, and their potential for offering moments of luminous presence within the nearly monochromatic green landscape. Our artist collaborators investigated the Four Corners terrain and selected their own installation sites. They responded to and engaged with the constraints of their particular locations: with particular rises and dips, trees and the transient stumps of this summer's newly felled trees, brambley edges and grassy clearings. Each artist has shaped an intimate experience of place within the larger landscape.

What is the edge of each artwork? Where does it end in space? How does our perception of each work evolve as we move through the Sculpture Park? How do these aesthetic interventions contribute to our understanding of this landscape? The art objects will weather, and the natural world will intersect and interact with the constructed pieces over time. At the same time, the landscape’s design, the site’s cultural history, the artists’ installations, your visit here, each are sustained across this geographic space, like contour lines defining parameters of our experience here. Creative Contours invites you to consider how human beings shape the spaces we inhabit and the ways in which our responses to the physical world – whether wild or designed -- shape our experience of place.

About the Curatorial Team

Stephanie Fortunato and Julia Lazarus began working together as graduate students in the Public Humanities Program at Brown University. They are interested in the ways in which art, culture, and community interact to create a sense of place. Together they co-directed the 2008 StoryCorps residency in Rhode Island (with Deborah Abramson), curated an exhibit of self-portraits for The Hive Archive (with Francoise McAree and Alyssa Holland Short), and helped organize a festival in Providence about H.P. Lovecraft and pulp fiction (with fellow students in the Public Humanities Program).

Stephanie Fortunato is Deputy Director of Providence's Department of Art, Culture + Tourism. Ms. Fortunato has spent most of her career working with place-based communities, strengthening connections between people and local art, culture, and heritage with an emphasis on the intersection of arts and revitalization.

Julia Lazarus is an experienced designer and project manager interested in creative audience engagement, public humanities content development, and cultural planning. She is currently Project Manager for Online Programs at Brown University School of Professional Studies. Julia is passionate about making art and ideas accessible and relevant to audiences, and the ways in which culture contributes to vibrant civic life and public spaces.

Four Corners Arts Center Film Series

Sculptures have been exhibited at Tiverton Four Corners since 1991 when Elise Brewster created an installation called “Bridges” – a 500 ft long structure of hand-built towers and spans that were composed of locally found objects. The Four Corners Arts Center was founded on the success of these early sculpture exhibits as well as early concerts and children’s art classes. 

Utilizing a picturesque two acre setting behind The Meeting House, the Four Corners Arts Center has created a variety of outdoor exhibits beginning in 1993 and following each summer season since 1998.  

Including work of regionally recognized sculptors, such as the early Sculptors at the Chapel Gallery, now known as the Boston Sculptors Gallery, as well as the work of students at local universities, the annual summer exhibits have been open to the public during the summer months of July and August. We have estimated that over 2000 people visit these exhibits each summer.

Over the years the exhibits have had a variety of themes, such as the 2004 exhibit of “H2O at Four Corners” or the 1993 exhibit “Sticks, Stalks, Stone, and Steel.”  Other years we have invited guest curators to assemble the works.  These have included James Montford, Director of the Bannister Gallery at Rhode Island College, Stacy Lattsavage, Assistant Professor of Sculpture at U.Mass/Dartmouth, and Rebecca Reynolds, a Fellow of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

**Information for Artists Submitting Work**

Special News: Sculpture Theft
Mimi Sammis Sculpture TheftThe Board of the Arts Center wants to thank all of those who have sent emails of concern and support regarding the recent theft of a sculpture by Mimi Sammis. We also want to thank the Tiverton Police for their quick action that has led to the apprehension of the thieves and to thank Jennifer Sunderland, Director of the Arts Center for her help with the police and the media.

The artist, Mimi Sammis, has been extraordinarily gracious and cooperative about this event. Despite this loss we hope to continue presenting the work of artists to the public in a free and open atmosphere. We share Mimi’s resolve that it is important to continue with our mission to bring arts to Tiverton Four Corners and the communities of Newport County and the FarmCoast region.

Sculpture Park Past Exhibitors

Four Corners Arts Center Film Series
We include here a summary of past exhibits with listings of various artists who have exhibited their work at Tiverton Four Corners:

2009 - Mimi Sammis

2008 - Curated James Montford
Norma Anderson Fox
Suzan Shutan: "Phytoplankton",
"Photosynthesis", "Tree Spiral", "Canopy",
"Golden Mean", "Garden Glove"

Gabriel Warren: "Piesterion: Column II"
Troy West: "Warrior", "Sentinel",
"Ode to Construcivism", "Freedom Flag"

Claudia Widdis: "Joyful Noise", "Free"

2007 - "Amalgam"
Four Corners Arts Center Film SeriesWhitmore Boogaerts:
"Changed from Nature"

Russell Wolfgang Smith: "Pepere"
Phil Cook: Figures I,II,III
Jack Gilman: "Polyhedron"
Brooke Mullins "Portal"
Susan Freda: "Eastern Rain Cups"
Aaron Brodeur "The Bird"

2006 "Amongst the Trees"
Ben Anderson
Phil Cook
Bryce Berggren
Jack Gilman

Four Corners Arts Center Film Series Jim Cole:
"Intimate Conversation in Silver"

Whitmore Boogaerts: "Sidewalk Grass"
Peter Diepenbrock:
"Double Sub", "Monogenesis IV"

David Gaynor: "Extruded Bench"
Topher Paterno: "The River Rock"
Anna Shapiro: "Transmigration"

2004 - "H20 at Four Corners"
Whitmore Boogaerts: "Bubbledrops"
Jay Coogan: "Rain Drop"
Chris Gustin: "Vessel"
Duff Schweninger: "Earth Breather No. 1"
Charles Swanson: "Stillwater Series 2"

2003 - Curated by Rebecca Reynolds
Four Corners Arts Center Film Series Norma Anderson
Madeleine Lord: "City Folk",
"Country Style Eggs", "Umbrella Parade"

Ron Rudnicki: "Synchysis"
Mitch Ryerson: "Armchair Gardener"
Leslie Wilcox: "Blue Tshirt",
"Silver Strapless", "Parkwear/Jumper", "Copper Tshirt"

2002 - Curated by Stacy Latt Savage
Marie Coelho
Jonathan Pelliteri
Jean Ryoo:
Jonathon Nelson
Erik Durant:
"Rubik's Cube"
Elizabeth Dooher: "Water Vessel"
Four Corners Arts Center Film Series Megan Brown & Catherine Lowder
Ben Schmidt & Andy Torres:

Craig Bloodgood: "Escapement"
Linda Casbon: "Periscopes"
Jim Coates: "Tiverton Tower Form"
Rick Creighton: "Bull"
Stacy Latt Savage: "Core"
Eric Lintala: "Shards Array"
Peter Stempel: "Mowing"
Will Traubel: "Annie Get Your Gun"
Amy Wynne

2000 "Convergence Festival Event"

Stephen Copel
Kathleen Griffin
JP Jacquet:
"Giant Paper Airplanes (2)", "Tin-Toy Rocket"
Milan Klic
Four Corners Arts Center Film Series Peter Lipsitt
Madelyn Macedo
Jane South
Kitty Wales
Barbara Westerman
Amy Wynne

Jim Dowd: "Turbine Archetype," "Drift"
Kathleen Griffin: "There's something I forgot to tell you"
Peter Harris: "Second Growth"
Ian Hinde: "Untitled"
Kristen Hoops: "Untitled (Bird Cage)"
Peter Stempel: "I got your letter"
Ian Sylvia: "Sea Treasures"
Will Traubel: "Fore and Aft"
Four Corners Arts Center Film Series Jason Tranchida: "Untitled (Pillow)"
Kate Turner: "Untitled (wind chimes)", "Untitled (silver hoops)",
"Untitled (reeds)", "Untitled (mesh)"

Gail Whitsitt-Lynch: "The Broken Egg", "Leaf", "Rose and Seed"

1998 - 1st annual
Harriet Brisson: "Homage to a cube"
Ana Flores: "Herb Witches"
John Gilman: "Tetrahedron", "Emergence"
Allison Newsome: "Dove-cot Skirt"
Peter Stempel: "Bright Stake Color Field"
William Traubel: "Stone the Reeds", "Dandelion"
Gabriel Warren: "Edifice"

1993 - "Sticks Stalks Stones Steel"
Four Corners Arts Center Film Series Elise Brewster
Murray Dewart
John Gilman
Peter Haines
Grace Knowlton
Peter Lipsitt
Joe Wheelwright

Grace Knowlton
Peter Brian Busby

Elise Brewster Bridges